Medscape Blogs - Latoya Stewart


  • SCOTUS Has Created a Paradox for All Healthcare Workers In medicine, we must treat accused and convicted murderers, serial rapists, and so many others. Now, in some states, women who have been raped and are victims of incest are to be denied care.
  • Healthcare Is Ailing and I Don't Know the Cure What happens when those tasked with caring for patients feel unheard and unappreciated -- and to some extent, fearful?
  • Nursing Is Not Gardening How categorizing nurses can lead to missed opportunities in growth and development.
  • Why I Quit My Dream Nursing Job What happens when the career we had planned begins to consume our world? Walking away from the career path of our dream can be the hardest break-up of our lives.
  • Healthcare Workplace Violence: Where Did the Gratitude Go? Healthcare workers across the nation are feeling the drastic shift from being touted as heroes to enduring unprecedented violence as the nation grapples with COVID.
  • Breaking the Cycle of Exhaustion At this moment, the idea of work-life balance seems like chasing the fountain of youth.
  • Even Leaders Need to Learn New jobs or roles mean new responsibilities. They also mean that sometimes, old tactics don't work. To truly be a leader, you have to look past the title and be willing to learn.
  • Pandemic Middle Management: Balancing Patient and Staff Needs Managing from the middle has become more difficult during a pandemic as we balance caring for patients while also caring for our healthcare employees.