Promote Effective Nurse-physician Communication: Consider Evidence-based Strategies

Cheri Clancy, MSN, MS, RN, NEA-BC, CPXP; Anthony Wehbe, DO, MBA, FACOI


Am Nurs Journal. 2022;17(8) 

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Abstract and Introduction



  • Hectic healthcare settings and lack of understanding of colleagues' roles and skills can contribute to miscommunication between nurses and physicians.

  • Several evidence-based strategies—for individuals, departments, and organizations—can promote improved communication.

The art and science of medicine and nursing requires effective communication to establish relationships and ensure a good workplace environment. However, when nurses and physicians face the time pressures of a busy clinical workday, communication frequently becomes scrambled, which can lead to poor outcomes. To ensure communication serves as a catalyst for improving patient care quality and safety, clear and effective strategies require individual and organizational accountability, education, and collaboration.