The Shifting Treatment Landscape in Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Avan J. Armaghani, MD


July 29, 2022

Avan J. Armaghani, MD, reflects on landmark clinical studies that have shaped how she approaches patients with early-stage breast cancer. Focusing on the treatment of patients with early-stage hormone-positive breast cancer, Dr Armaghani reflects on the monarchE study, which heralded the addition of abemaciclib as a treatment for patients in this population. Next, Dr Armaghani discusses the impact of the RxPONDER study, which defined the patient population that could be spared adjuvant chemotherapy.

Dr Armaghani then turns to the treatment of patients with early-stage triple-negative breast cancer and reflects on how the KEYNOTE-522 study altered the treatment landscape by showing that the addition of immunotherapy with neoadjuvant chemotherapy produced significantly higher pathologic complete response.


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