ASCO 2022: Encouraging Data for Patient Subgroups in the Treatment of Melanoma

Michael A. Postow, MD


June 24, 2022

In a postconference meditation, Michael A. Postow, MD, considers the practical applications of data presented at ASCO 2022, with an emphasis on the potential impact on certain patient subgroups. Results from the PRADO study, while demonstrating the clear benefits of two rounds of neoadjuvant therapy for patients with stage III melanoma, also detail a method of lymph node analysis that could help identify patients who may also require adjuvant therapy.

Regarding stage IV melanoma, updates from the RELATIVITY-047 trial confirmed the superiority of nivolumab combined with relatlimab against nivolumab alone in patients with metastatic disease, leading Dr Postow to predict the gradual replacement of single-agent therapies with combination treatments in the theater of unresectable metastatic melanoma.


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